VW Polo Vivo up for grabs in Christmas Cheer Fund draw

Hendrick Mphande

IT is that time of year again when readers are urged to dig deep in their pockets for a good cause by donating to The Herald Christmas Cheer Fund Car Draw competition.

As in previous years, readers can buy as many tickets as they can afford in support of those less fortunate.

With the purchase of a ticket, costing R10 each, readers are entered into a lucky draw competition which could win them a VW Polo Vivo, sponsored by Volkswagen Group South Africa.

Tickets are sold by various charities throughout the city, the details of which will be made available from next week in The Herald.

At the culmination of the competition at the end of November, tickets are audited, after which a random draw is done for five lucky finalists, one of whom will drive away with the vehicle at a gala event in December.

For the past three years, Rodney Gibson has done sterling work as Beggar-in-Chief, but yesterday he passed the mantle on to Steven Lancaster.

“I have met wonderful people – both donors and beneficiaries. I was blessed to be part of the Christmas Cheer Fund,” Gibson said.

Lancaster said he was humbled and excited about his new role.

“There are a lot of good things happening in Nelson Mandela Bay.

“I am trusting people will give and share their dreams and vision with others.” Lancaster works in Radio Kingfisher’s advertising department.

He encouraged residents to develop a spirit of giving and working together.

Last year, Cheshire Home in Summerstrand sold the most tickets, while Missionvale Care Centre was the biggest beneficiary.

ýFor inquiries contact The Herald marketing team at (041)504-7911, or e-mail pe-marketing@avusa.co.za

Donations can be made via electronic transfer or bank deposit to:

Christmas Cheer Fund (please do not use the abbreviated “Xmas” word), First National Bank, account number: 53410726732 and branch code: 261050.

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