MEC unhappy with health facilities

Shaanaaz de Jager

EASTERN Cape Health MEC Sicelo Gqobana expressed his disappointment at the poor state of the clinics and hospital in Jansenville during a visit to the area last week.

The MEC on Friday vowed to take up the problem, saying it needed “leadership at district level that was hands-on”.

He said his visit was a follow-up to an executive committee meeting last month and also to assess the progress made since an unannounced visit last year.

Gqobana said the new Kwazi Clinic, which is not yet open, was “fine except that the contractor commissioned by the district municipality did not complete all the work”.

He cited doors that had not been properly finished as an example.

The MEC said his visit to the Brug Clinic had revealed a problem with the turnaround time for medicine to be delivered from Port Elizabeth to Jansenville, which took two weeks.

“Why so long?” he asked, saying that even though the clinic had sufficient medicine there should not be a delay.

“There is also a shortage of nurses. We need about three more at the clinic and a pharmacist is needed; there is only an assistant pharmacist.”

Gqobana said he was not pleased with the Sawas Memorial Hospital at all. “It has degenerated from the time I did my unannounced visit. There are also shortages of nursing and doctor staff. There is also a shortage of bedding.”

Ikwezi Municipality mayor Sizwe Mngwevu said he had established a health forum to address various issues raised by the MEC.

“I understand there are budget challenges but we can try to work around it,” Mngwevu said.

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