A genet in the hand is worth a good sleep

Lynn Williams

A MYSTERIOUS visitor who drove Bronco the dog crazy at night has been nabbed at a Mount Pleasant house.

For more than two weeks Brian Jackson was wondering why his cross boerboel and ridgeback barked all night.

His barking was coupled with running to – and barking up – a tree and at the garage roof.

The mystery deepened when Jackson heard something running around on his roof and on inspection saw large brown eyes staring back at him.

Wildlife capture expert Arnold Slabbert, of Wildline, finally solved the mystery when he captured a young male genet at the house last week.

Slabbert said genets lived close to the coast or along rivers, making Mount Pleasant – with its dam and thick vegetation – an ideal habitat for the species.

“It is not unusual to find them in the middle of town, because they can live around people.

“He [the genet] has been successful in finding food in the area because he has been there for a while. They sleep during the day and hunt at night,” Slabbert said.

Jackson said he did not know what the animal was until after it had been caught.

“To me it just resembled a squirrel or a cat- like animal,” he said.

The genet was released within an hour of being captured at the Port of Nqgura.

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