Be more like Madiba, Chikane warns ANC

WHILE Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale yesterday urged all South Africans to embrace the 67 minutes concept and put it into practice on a daily basis, ANC leaders have come in for a tongue-lashing from struggle hero Rev Frank Chikane.

Speaking at a colloquium in honour of former president Nelson Mandela’s 94th birthday at the Mandela Museum in Qunu near Mthatha, Sexwale said: “Beyond the 67 minutes, let’s make each day a Mandela day.

“We as South Africans should consider ourselves the luckiest people on the planet at this time to live in the same country breathing the same air under the same sun with Nelson Mandela.”

His speech was in sharp contrast to Chikane who, also speaking at the colloquium, lambasted South Africa’s political leadership saying many ANC leaders were “sell-outs”.

“You can’t lead the people if you’re corrupt because fewer and fewer people benefit,” Chikane said.

“The only way to remain a leader of society is to let the ordinary people benefit from the cake.

“If you want to remain in power, serve the people. If you don’t serve the people, they will turn against you,” the former directorgeneral in the Presidency said.

He received a standing ovation.

Chikane said ANC leaders today needed to look at party veterans like Mandela, Oliver Tambo and Walter Sisulu as examples.

“But today, I’m not only talking about young cadres, but old cadres as well. The cadres struggle for power, for control of tenders. Once compromised, you can’t be independent in your thinking.

“Instead of taking power to the people, they’re taking the power for themselves. … Once you’re compromised, you sell out the nation,” Chikane said. – Sapa

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