Runaway boerboel gets new home

Duncan Reyneke

THE adventurous boerboel that hitched a ride on a bus two weeks ago has found a temporary home, thanks to concerned Nelson Mandela Bay animal lovers.

Following a post on the SPCA’s Facebook page, describing the dog and how it was discovered, fans of the page began to send through their comments and opinions.

Hidden among the multitude of posts was a short one from Sardinia Bay resident and dog trainer Donne Lucas: “I will take him until I find the right home for him.”

Within an hour, the page’s moderators had arranged to contact Lucas and make plans for the dog to be collected today.

“This dog should not be lying in an animal shelter waiting to be adopted,” Lucas said yesterday.

“He’s special – a problem solver. I offered to take him in and foster him while I work to find him a home. I know we’ll find him a good home.

“The thing with me is that I’m extremely fussy when it comes to my pets, so I will take him in for as long as I have to until I find the right people to take care of him.”

Uitenhage’s SPCA office became a temporary home to the four- year-old boerboel after he calmly boarded a bus in Bridgemeade and stayed onboard until the bus depot in Korsten.

There, the Algoa Bus Company contacted the municipal dog control unit and arranged for the boerboel, which was not wearing a collar, to be collected.

Arriving at the SPCA office in Uitenhage later that day, the canine was housed with the other abandoned animals, while word was awaited from his owners – but nobody came forward to claim him.

On Wednesday, SPCA officials finally put the boerboel up for adoption.

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