PE hip-hop duo take to stage

Liam May

MUSICIANS Earl Swartz and Agemi Arends, whose music became a hit in the city three years ago when it was heard on almost every bus and taxi, have now embarked on two theatre productions incorporating hip-hop.

Their innovative use of bluetooth at universities and schools enhanced the popularity of their songs, which encompass issues close to home in a humorous fashion, often referring to well- known landmarks around the Bay.

The hip-hoppers, from the northern areas, perform in English and Afrikaans slang.

The duo will now be taking their talents to the stage as they team up with director Benito Carelsen to co-ordinate a show at the PE Opera House.

And they are still highlighting community issues with HIV- awareness and stressing the importance of education.

“As friends, we use to ‘diss’ one another using an old microphone and this is when the idea of rapping came to mind,” Arends said.

The show will be hosted by Virgil Jacobs and the music will be provided by Daryl Klue.

Earl and Agemi have joined up with ward 29 DA councillor Trevor Lowe and pastor Justin Oliphant, who has been instrumental in community upliftment.

Together, the group aim to send a clear message to the youth concerning the long-term importance of education.

The first of the two issues the play deals with is aimed at educating the youth about HIV/Aids and how it affects the lives of those who contract it. The second theme deals with the importance of education in nurturing the youth and how a youngster’s future is in his own hands.

“With the help of the community we want to ensure that people understand the necessity of education,” Swartz said.

The rappers now boast a tally of seven mixed tapes and a music video, with the eighth to be released next month.

The shows start tomorrow and end on Thursday. Tickets cost R25.

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