Bay residents shocked by The Spear artwork

PORT Elizabeth residents, for the most part, were shocked by the controversial artwork depicting President Jacob Zuma with his genitals exposed. Reporter Liam May asked them how they felt about it.

Eddie Botuton, 51

“It’s a disgrace! The private parts of any man should not be shown in public. It is degrading.”

Eugene Abrahams, 23

“Freedom of expression should not infringe on the dignity of others.”

Apelele Madyibi, 19

“Not many people believe that our president can be seen as a dignified person if we look at his past.”

Luthando Mabandla, 26

“How can people do such things to the president. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.”

Angelo Abrahams, 28

“One should not take freedom of expression for granted by infringing on others’ dignity.”

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