‘Sinister’ theory in missing Uitenhage couple puzzle

THE father of a Uitenhage couple who disappeared a month ago believes his son may have become involved with “sinister people”, so explaining their disappearance.

Garreth and Jo-Ann Muller, both 22, were last seen together on Good Friday.

Garreth’s father, Marius Muller, said yesterday there had been no sign of the couple since.

But police believe they could still be in the Eastern Cape.

“Nobody knows what to say or think,” Muller snr said yesterday. “Something like this is like a cancer in a person. It just eats you up. You can’t just disappear, not like that. It’s just strange.

“Any other time, if Garreth was in trouble, he would come to me and at least tell me. Obviously at this stage, all we can do is speculate.”

Uitenhage police spokeswoman Warrant Officer Gerda Swart said there had been no new developments. “We are staying in touch with the family and examining all of our leads,” she said.

Shortly after the couple’s disappearance, a Kamesh resident came forward on April 13 saying they had sold their car to him on the same day they left home. Authorities have no further information on their whereabouts.

“Even if they have to do it anonymously, I would like to appeal, again, to anybody who knows where they might be to come forward and let us know,” Muller snr said. –

Duncan Reyneke

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