I don’t measure my success in money – Zahara

Shanaaz Prince

SAYING the amount of money she earned was her own business and she did not measure success by material possessions, Eastern Cape songstress Zahara returned to East London to do damage control following allegations she was been exploited by her management.

Accompanied by her manager, Thembikosi “TK” Nciza, and her parents, Mlamli and Khaya Mkutukana, the musician briefed the media at the Regent Hotel yesterday.

Zahara said the purpose of her visit was to thank and pay respects to everyone for their support of her musical career and the shooting of her latest DVD, which would come out in June.

However, it was evident that the musician was also using the occasion to clear her recent splash of bad publicity.

Last Sunday, the Sunday World published an article riddled with allegations of the starlet’s exploitation by Nciza.

According to the article, family members, including Zahara’s siblings Nomonde and Mbangedwa, claimed that promises had been made to them by the record company which had not yet materialised.

They alleged their sister was being treated with disdain by her record company and claimed she was not in control of her finances.

Other allegations included that the songstress lived in Nciza’s home, where she was allegedly treated like a servant after being promised a house. She sometimes was so desperate for money that she had to ask her mother for cash for airtime, claimed the report. Since the beginning of the week, Zahara and her record label bosses have been doing damage control through radio interviews to disprove the allegations.

Her alleged exploitation has been a topic of discussion on social media websites since the Sunday World article.

“I don’t have a car or a house but that’s not my priority right now,” she said. “I’m not a flashy type of person and my success is not defined by materialistic things.

“What was said about me being exploited is not true, I get money and it’s my business how much. If I was being exploited I would know and right now I am taking my time to do and get what I want.”

Nciza said it was not a coincidence the accusations appeared only two weeks before the South African Music Awards, in which Zahara has been nominated for seven awards.

“It’s sad and my views are very simply [that] there are so many people who aren’t exposed to the industry and [they] sometimes say things they do not know anything of. I honestly don’t blame the sisters because competition is out there and I suppose with every good comes evil.”

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