Plett muso wins Safta for TV show

Janine Oelofse

ACCLAIMED South African musician Su Lubner has just raked in her second SA Film and TV Award (Safta) for Best Music in a TV Drama in the highly successful series Intersexions, but humbly says she “was just a byproduct of a good series”.

Speaking from her home in Plettenberg Bay yesterday, Lubner said: “It was easy for me to win an award because the series was just beautiful. It won lots of awards.”

The six-degrees of separation drama depicts how HIV is transmitted within a group of connected people, crossing class, colour, urban, rural, and age barriers.

“Everyone watching the series could somehow find a moment they could identify with,” Lubner said.

The award is a second for Lubner, who won a Safta for her collaboration with Loyisa Bala in Tsha Tsha about four years ago.

Preferring to work with other artists, the musician is quick to give credit to collaborating musicians Ben Badenhorst and Tigger Reunert of Plettenberg Bay for the Intersexions award.

She said when writing under pressure for each episode of a TV drama, the music just came to her. “It’s a fascinating thing. You are writing under pressure and deadlines, and it just comes. You don’t know where it comes from.”

A devoted mother, Lubner said her son, Matthew, was one of her “best ears” and a keen drummer.

“He’s going to be much better than me. We have the same passion for music.”

Lubner, whose character is deeply influenced by her family’s charitable ethos, could not attend the awards ceremony in Johannesburg last month because she was flying the colours of her brother Tony’s Sabrina Love Foundation charity in the Argus Cycle Tour.

“Helping others is a very big part of our lives. It’s part of our ethos as a family to be a good citizen in the world and it has influenced me completely. I do it because it feels right.”

Her love of music started when she took up classical piano at age five, performing in recitals and competitions.

“I just loved it. It was my own private world and my absolute passion.”

Marrying her love of music with her commitment to helping others, she obtained a master’s degree in psychology, specialising in music therapy.

Lubner has worked with disabled children, psychiatric patients, street children and children with autism.

In the early ’90s, she went to London where she obtained a degree in communication and became the ANC Women’s League president in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Once she returned to South Africa, she collaborated with Kwaito star Joe Nina to produce a successful album.

“After that, people started offering me work to write music for TV and I got involved in Takalani Sesame, doing their music for about 12 years,” she said.

Other TV series under her belt include TV dramas Soul City and Justice for All.

Giving back to her community, Lubner has recently been involved in a Plett Idols school competition and a talent contest run by the Lunchbox theatre group.

When she is not working, she instructs Tai Chi four times a week.

“It’s my mainstay in life. I love Tai Chi because it reminds me of music – you have to think all the time about what you’re doing and that in itself becomes the meditation.”

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