Mugger meets his match in Bay

Duncan Reyneke

A NEW Brighton man put his own life in danger yesterday to chase after a mugger in his bakkie before cornering the culprit and calling the police.

Wankie Vonqo, 65, became an instant hero when he took up the chase after spotting the robbery in Sidwell, Port Elizabeth.

Followed closely by a growing mob of angry onlookers, Vonqo chased the suspect into a side alley, before running after him into a shop.

“I think he was scared because I was driving like I was going to bump him. I wanted to bump him. I had all these people behind me screaming for me to get him, not to let him get away. “When we caught him, eventually, we gave him a few smacks and called the police,” Vonqo said.

The mugging victim, New Brighton resident Bulelwa Ngabase, 68, said she had been walking through Sidwell on her way to the chemist when the attack occurred.

“I was at the robots, with my bag under my arm, when I noticed a man standing nearby. After I had passed him, I felt this big push on my back and fell over.”

The mugger made off with Ngabase’s purse as she began to yell that she had been mugged.

“I saw him run past some women and a man or two, but it wasn’t very long before somebody came back to me and told me they had caught him.”

Vonqo, a former rugby player and popular figure in the community, returned Ngabase’s purse to her.

“These things do happen, but I’ve never done anything like it before,” he said.

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