Wife beating, attempted murder case halted again

Hendrick Mphande

THE attempted murder case against Frederick Gordon, who allegedly assaulted his wife at their Forest Hill home, was dealt yet another blow when the former air force sergeant fired his lawyer.

The matter was on the roll in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court yesterday for a formal bail application when attorney Danie Gouws suddenly informed the court his mandate had been terminated and that he no longer represented Gordon.

“After I had explained to him the sensitive nature of this matter, Gordon asked me to withdraw as an attorney on record because he felt the matter has been dragging on for 12 months,” Gouws said.

In June last year Gouws also withdrew from the case after it emerged Gordon’s pension money had been frozen by his employer. However, he came in as attorney on record after the parties reached an amicable solution.

Gouws said Gordon’s case had been sent from one courtroom to the next for several different reasons.

Gordon, 42, is facing a charge of attempted murder linked to the alleged abuse of his estranged wife Avril, 52.

Yesterday about 20 women wearing DA T-shirts opposed to Gordon being granted bail picketed outside the court while others waited patiently in the public gallery.

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