Ref Bryce can score for two PE fans

Neo Bodumela

INFAMOUS Rugby World Cup referee Bryce Lawrence may still be blamed for South Africa’s loss to Australia last year, but he could prove to be the key to winning a tour with the Springboks for two super fans.

Rugby enthusiasts Stuart Hudson-Lamb and Henry Coomans – who aptly called themselves The Bryce Lawrences – were chosen during the recent IRB Sevens tournament held in Port Elizabeth for being the best dressed fans.

Instead of the “usual super hero or cartoon character costumes”, the Port Elizabeth pair went with something different – and now they stand a chance to win a three-week tour with the Boks.

“We rather went dressed as the beaten up version of Bryce Lawrence, the referee who was in charge of South Africa’s quarterfinal match at last year’s Rugby World Cup. We wanted something that related to rugby … South African rugby in particular to try and touch the emotions of the judges.

“And what better way than to dress up as a beaten up version of probably the most hated referee in South Africa,” Hudson-Lamb said.

The pair stand to win the tour when the English rugby team visits South Africa in June, an experience, Hudson-Lamb said, that would be a dream come true.

“Right now we are one of two finalists … and we are trying to drum up as many votes on Facebook as we can. You know I get quite stressed out when we are behind the other team in terms of votes. We are currently neck and neck with them,” he said.

“I think that we stand a good chance of winning because I think our costume was a lot more original and much better planned.”

Coomans said: “We are very excited and it’s very close and we want to make people aware that we are dependent on their votes to win.”

By last night, the pair were in the lead by 12 votes. The winners will be chosen by an online voting process at

Voting closes on March 15.

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