Nude DA student body poster has web sizzling

Angela Gillham

LIKENED to condom adverts, laughed off as being old-fashioned and called promiscuous, a DA Student Organisation poster showing a young mixed-race couple in a passionate clinch had tongues wagging across the country yesterday.

The poster, which had social media sites buzzing after it was posted on Facebook and Twitter, has been vigorously defended by DA Youth leader Makashule Gana.

Gana said the poster was part of a campaign to create debate about race. “The poster is saying a lot. They are embracing each other, and it shows in this country we can find an opportunity to embrace each other.”

While the Christian Democratic Party called the nudity “shocking”, many defended it and others took a chance to take the mickey out of the DA’s young politicians.

One Twitter user said: “So in the future, I’ll have a white boyfriend & sport a weave? Noooooo! *slits both wrists*” while another wrote: “That was the ugliest weave ever. And that guy’s hair would leave maps on your pillow. In my future, people have clean hair.”

As many a condom joke reared its head, another tweet read: “The DA’s new campaign poster image. WTF? Love Life, Durex, are you sponsoring this?”

The poster has also led to a flurry of spoof posters flooding the web.

One depicts a black and a white man embracing.

Another, sporting the South African Students’ Congress logo, features a white domestic worker and also carries the tag line: “In our future you wouldn’t look twice.” Additional reporting by Sapa

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