Mandla Mandela’s possessions attached

Siya Boya and Mayibongwe Maqhina

A SHERIFF of the court attached a minibus and several head of cattle belonging to Chief Mandla Mandela yesterday after he failed to make payments to his estranged wife, Tando Mabunu-Mandela.

The Mthatha High Court had earlier this year ordered Mandela, grandson of former president Nelson Mandela, to pay R20000 towards Mabunu-Mandela’s legal fees and R12500 monthly maintenance while the divorce proceedings were under way.

The court had also frozen half the money in Mandela’s bank accounts pending finalisation of the divorce.

Despite the order, Mandela – an ANC member of parliament – failed to make the payments and Mabunu-Mandela asked the court to have his goods attached.

 Yesterday’s action follows two previous failed attempts by Mthatha sheriffs to attach goods from Mandela’s home.

In June, high court sheriff Mlandeli Joki claimed he had attempted to attach R100000 worth of goods from Mvezo Great Place, but was unable to do so because Mandela was not home.

 Mabunu-Mandela’s attorney, Wesley Hayes, laid a formal complaint with the Board of the Sheriffs over Joki’s actions and asked the board to instruct sheriff Ncedile Ntsibantu to attach Mandela’s goods in October.

However, nothing was done again.

After pressure from the board, Ntsibantu said a warrant of execution had been served at Mvezo Great Place on October 24.

“After a diligent search, no property could be attached and a nulla bona certificate [document indicating the sheriff could find no goods to seize] was signed by a family member at the given address,” Ntsibantu wrote in an e-mail to the board.

Hayes then threatened to implement a garnishee order to recover the money from Mandela’s parliamentary salary.

“Finally, we have been successful. All we want to do is to conclude the divorce so she can get what she is entitled to,” Hayes said.

 Mandela is scheduled to marry a Swazi princess on Christmas Eve. He could not be reached for comment.

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