Northern areas principal comes from Scottish stock

Lynn Williams

HIS mother’s renowned mince balls, mealies and beans, his aunt’s famous roast potatoes and getting spoilt in New Brighton just because you were coloured.

These are all fond memories of Bruce Damons’s years growing up in a coloured household in Korsten.

 Damons grew up in Stanford Road, Korsten.

He refers to his childhood home as the Korsten village: five different Damons families and their children all lived in the same street.

 Here his parents instilled in him the values of honour, respect for one’s elders and caring for one another.

Damons, now principal of Sapphire Road Primary School in Booysen Park, is the middle child of Peter David (the second) and Blanche Charlotte Damons.

His grandparents on his mother’s side were from the Colony of Natal.

 Blanche was the daughter of Nesta and Jack Punshon. Nesta was the daughter of Blanche Kumalo and Gonna Dunn.

Damons chuckles as he tells that his great- grandmother was married to legendary Scotsman John Dunn.

Dunn had 48 Zulu wives.

He was a hunter trader, explorer, soldier, statesman and the great white chief of Zululand.

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