Campaign to support Mandela day: IMC

THE International Marketing Council (IMC) launched the Play Your Part campaign on Wednesday to inspire “active citizenship” in support of Nelson Mandela International Day.

The campaign was developed to encourage all South Africans to use their resources whether it was money, skills or goods, to do something to contribute to a better future for all, the IMC said in a statement.

“This campaign fits in with the ethos of Nelson Mandela International Day, which calls on people around the world to honour Mr Mandela by giving at least 67 minutes of their time to do good for others.” Play Your Part was launched in association with the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

“A nation of people who care deeply for one another and the environment in which they live, and who take action by doing something positive, whether big or small, is good for everyone,” IMC chief executive Miller Matola said.

There were already a number of examples of people and organisations that had made a positive difference, he said.

“These stories should be told to lift our spirits and inspire everyone to play their part.” Nelson Mandela International Day will be held on July 18. The day, which is also the former president’s birthday, has been marked since 2009, to celebrate Mandela’s impact on the world.

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