Cage fight moves to Facebook

Angela Gillham  

NICOLAS Cage’s son, Weston, has launched a bizarre tirade against his Port Elizabeth-born wife, Nikki Williams, saying he will divorce her following a violent argument that saw both arrested on domestic violence charges.

Williams’s mother, Mandy Morgan, has denied her daughter instigated the attack, saying the fight on Monday left her daughter battered and bruised.

The pair were arrested at their Lake Hollywood flat following the incident, which saw Cage sporting a bleeding arm.

Gossip site TMZ reported witnesses had claimed Williams had been the main aggressor, but Cage had also been arrested, as police on the scene felt he too had acted violently. Morgan said she had managed to talk to her daughter after her release on $50000 (R337700) bail.

“She’s got a black eye, a split lip and is covered in bruises,” Morgan said. Her daughter was still in jail under an immigration hold.

Cagealluded to the fact he had video footage of the attack and was ready to launch it into cyberspace should Williams “lie to the police again”.

He claimed on social networking site Facebook she was a danger to herself, saying: “[I] would never attack my wife. She was about to hurt herself and [I] had to restrain her hands. Broken beer bottles, a gash on my arm, bite marks, nail mark trails, bruises and a contusion on the back of my head?”

Morgan alleged Williams had been tied up several times and had managed to lock herself in the bathroom and scream for help.

She said: “She weighs a mere 54kg. If she was a danger to herself I am sure he could have just held her tight or called 911.” Morgan, who had not yet seen her daughter following the fight, said Williams had told her police had taken photographs of the injuries.

Williams is facing domestic abuse charges for allegedly cutting Cage with a broken bottle and punching him while threatening to jump from the balcony of their flat.

Morgan said while her daughter had admitted to throwing a coke bottle at Cage and kicking and screaming to defend herself, she “denies she would ever have threatened to jump over the balcony”.

Morgan, whom Cage lists as his mother on Facebook, said the attack had left her devastated as she had accepted Cage as a son.

Cage, who calls Williams his “Springbokkie”, is sticking to his story.

Cage’s strange Facebook posts have included statements he would move to South Africa for her and “gladly die fighting for her safety”.

“I will take bullets if my death means her life. I will drop my career and be her bodyguard and melt my ring into a bullet for the enemy.”

He said he would never have hit his wife as she was pregnant.

In a spat with Williams’s sister, Jade, who questioned why he was posting information about the assault on the internet, Cage said: “I don’t have to bail her out. Most victims of such brutality would keep someone like your sister in jail.

“But I love her more than anyone and I’m going to bail her out.”

He asked Facebook friends to vote on whether or not he should get divorced.

He then posted he had made his decision and would be getting a divorce.

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