Hollywood Cage fight

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THE honeymoon is most definitely over for sexy Port Elizabeth singer Nikki Williams, who was arrested on Monday following an attack on husband Weston Cage, son of Hollywood star Nicolas Cage.

The former Theodor Herzl schoolgirl, 22, who married Cage, 20, in April is, reports gossip site TMZ, facing domestic abuse charges after cutting Cage with a broken bottle, punching him and threatening to jump from the balcony of their Lake Hollywood flat.

According to the site, witnesses claimed Williams was the chief aggressor but police at the scene, believing Cage also acted violently, arrested them both. The Daily Mail reported that singer Cage was spotted after his arrest wearing a bloody bandage on his arm. “Don’t get married,” he told reporters.

The couple’s three-month marriage has been anything but boring, with the pair completing a stint in rehab only days ago and Cage being sent to hospital for mental evaluation last month.

Cage was reportedly put in hospital after attacking his former personal trainer Kevin Villegas, Cage snr’s assistant, at a restaurant. He lost his temper at the restaurant and reportedly tried to roundhouse-kick Villegas.

Police who arrived at the scene threatened to use a stun gun on Cage. He was later strapped to a gurney, before being taken to hospital for evaluation.

Cage claimed he was “four drinks short of death” at the time. He said: “That incident I got into was pretty hellish because my blood-alcohol [level] was 0.335. So I was about four drinks short of death. My beautiful wife and outstanding father would not have been visiting me in a psych ward, they would have been visiting me for the last time at an open casket funeral.

“That guy was my wrestling coach for a while. I was about 16 years old, and I used to wipe the sweat up off the floor with his face, use his face as a rag. He always had it out for me. And when that s**t went down what you did not see is he hit me in the balls like a little girl.

“And my equilibrium was off. I’d had about 40 beers and a bottle of wine, so the wind alone could have probably kicked my ass, and he just took off. Before that he was antagonising me, asking what breast size my wife was.”

Cage jnr appears to be following in his father’s footsteps – he is no stranger to troubles.

Cage snr was arrested on April 15 after a public fight in which he allegedly assaulted his wife, Alice Kim, and was so drunk he did not know where he lived. The actor was charged with domestic violence and public drunkenness, though the charges were later dropped.

Bail for the younger Cages was set at $50000 (R336000) each, but by late yesterday only Weston had managed to post bail.

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