Arts, culture? Bring it on!

Lynn Williams  

THE stage is set for the inaugural Bring it On concert, which promises to be one of the biggest arts and culture concerts in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Hip-hop and contemporary dancing are just some of the performances in the lineup, which has seen local dance groups practising their moves and singers warming their vocal chords.

Chad Smith, of Bayside Entertainment, said their aim with the concert – to be held at the St Thomas Auditorium on Saturday, starting at 8pm – was to uplift the youth and young adults through arts and culture.

They aimed to target talented young people and provide them with a platform to showcase their talents, he said.

“Arts and culture in the city have deteriorated and talent and cabaret shows have become scarce.

“Young people are losing interest in the arts and turning to negative activities like drug and alcohol abuse.

“We want to change this by giving them the opportunity to enhance their talents in a positive way,” he said. Singers, dancers and other performers would be given a platform to showcase their talents.

Those attending the event can look forward to entertainment provided by top Bay DJs and dance groups like De Ja Vu, Transformers, Psyco Soldiers, Lil Michael Jackson, PE’s Finest, Reborn, Execution Style and contemporary dancers Tamin Newing and Kelly.

A special fire act will be done by Port Elizabeth flame-blower Bertan Alexander.

Smith – also down as DJ Spectrum – who recently won the national Viceroy Makoya Mix competition, said he hoped the initiative would help promote clean fun.

“The reality of the situation is that in the past young people used arts and cultural methods to fit in with their peers, as a means of getting recognition and as a form of acceptance,

“In today’s society, taking part in negative activities like drugs and alcohol are seen as the in thing. There is so much talent out there, but young people do not have a platform to showcase it from. In doing this concert, we hope to change that.”

Tickets cost R30 and the doors open at 6pm.

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