It’s a boy! Domino a dad again

MUCH-LOVED Port Elizabeth dolphin Domino is once again a proud father – and this time he has a son.

Domino, 20, and his daughter, Dumisa, six, were relocated from Bayworld to Hong Kong’s Ocean Park in 2009 on a collaborative breeding programme –  and just two years down the line, the project is a success.

After being artificially inseminated with Domino’s  sperm in March last year, Ocean Park  dolphin Angel  gave birth to a healthy calf on April 21.

The adventurous little calf has not been named yet  as Ocean Park is planning to run a competition to name him in the near future.

“The baby weighed in at 11.5kg and measured only 95cm when he was three days old.  Now at almost two months of age, he is already taking small pieces of fish, is really curious about everything the other dolphins are doing and loves interacting with Dumisa,” Bayworld chief curator Robyn Greyling said.

“Angel is an experienced mother who has raised a number of calves. She is also in my opinion one of the most beautiful female dolphins I have seen. Her colouration is exquisite and she is quite the lady.”

Greyling said Dumisa had been watching and learning as Angel and the calf  played. Should Domino make another female  pregnant, in terms of the breeding agreement, the calf would become the property of Bayworld.

Greyling said the  breeding loan entered into between the two facilities was vitally important if Bayworld was to have dolphins in the future.

“So far our aims are all being met with Domino and Dumisa happy and healthy at Ocean Park,” she  said.

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