Man found guilty of frog cruelty

A MAN who forced live frogs into plastic colddrink bottles to sell as fishing bait was found guilty of animal cruelty by the Sasolburg Magistrate’s Court, the NSPCA said today (June  2).

“Jeremiah Mokoena, in his 20s, was found guilty and sentenced to a fine of R2000 or six months imprisonment suspended for five years,” said National Council of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) spokesman Jaco Pieterse.

“We hail the outcome as it is the first time we have won a case for cruelty against frogs,” he said of the verdict and sentence handed down on Monday.

Mokoena was given a warning by the NSPCA in December after it found him forcing live frogs through the opening of plastic bottles, to sell to fisherman in Deneysville in the Free State.

Charges were laid against him when inspectors visited a week later to find the same situation.

“He would take big frogs known as platannas, which are 10cm to 15cm in length and 5cm wide, and force them through a 2cm opening,” Pieterse said.

“He would then place them in the full sun where the water would heat up and they would suffocate slowly,” he said.

Pieterse said frogs were sensitive to handling, since they had more delicate skin than many vertebrates.

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