Malema warns of DA danger

ANC Youth League president Julius Malema and Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula warned party supporters in Potchefstroom yesterday to unite or face the prospect of handing the Tlokwe municipality to the DA.

Malema and Mbalula blitzed Ikageng township on the town’s outskirts yesterday, amid concerns that the party could lose the Tlokwe (Potchefstroom) municipality to the DA following its failure to register candidates in seven wards.

Speaking at the Govan Mbeki Community Hall in Ikageng, Malema rebuked two ANC factions, one backing him, the other Gauteng arts and culture MEC Lebogang Maile.

“We are in an election and you want to sing a song against one of your own during an election period, instead of singing against the enemy,” said Malema.

“Have you been sent here? Did they send you to infiltrate us? And you behave like you have genuine demands when you are actually dividing the ANC at a critical moment of the elections.

“We are in an election period, we have no time to fight among ourselves.”

The group supporting Maile called for the head of the party’s secretary in North West, Kabelo Mataboge.

Malema said that members should instead focus on winning the elections.

He said the bigger problem was candidates not being registered.

“The Independent Electoral Commission is not going to open for us. You are diverting us [with infighting] and it means you are not working for the ANC; you are working for something else.”

Fighting will hand Tlokwe to the DA, as happened in Cape Town, said Malema.

“In Cape Town, comrades were busy fighting each other instead of the enemy and Helen Zille took them out of power,” he said.

“Today, Helen Zille’s priorities are to build bicycle lanes in the suburbs when our people don’t have proper toilets and sanitation. They don’t care about blacks, they don’t care about the dignity of the African people and you want that to come here?”

The ANC was tired of solving perennial problems in the province, he said, adding that the party had prioritised the poor and provided them with free water, electricity, roads, clinics and schools.

Mbalula and Malema went on a door-to-door campaign in Promosa, where most the residents they visited complained about the lack of housing.

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