Abuser a satanist?

Gareth Wilson

POLICE are investigating a possible satanic link to one of the most horrific domestic abuse cases yet recorded in Port Elizabeth. Avril Gordon, 52, was rescued last week after being severely beaten and held captive for more than three months inside a Forest Hill flat.

Her husband, air force sergeant Frederick Gordon, 42, was arrested at the flat for attempted murder. Police kicked the door down after he allegedly refused to open up. They found Avril lying in a pool of blood in one of the bedrooms.

She had  apparently been locked in the bathroom regularly when her husband  left for work at 7am.

Avril was burnt and beaten with chains and table legs over a period of months because of Frederick’s jealousy.  He  reportedly accused her of talking to other men – even while she was locked inside the bathroom.

Humewood police station head Brigadier Ronald Koll described the case as “gruesome” and said Avril had been treated “like a slave and beaten into submission”.

Almost two weeks after her rescue,  Koll said the investigation was progressing. “We have found many fascinating leads  we are still looking into,” he said. “This includes the possibility of satanic or religious ties. We found handfuls of Avril’s hair placed in the Bible on the table inside the flat.”

Koll said all the evidence showed that Frederick was “mentally stable” and “fully aware of his actions”, but a full psychological evaluation would have to be conducted.

“There is no evidence to suggest he did not know what he was doing,” he said. “He is in the St Albans holding cells awaiting a bail application and is not being very cooperative with detectives.”

He is due to appear in court on Thursday for the bail application.

Koll said it appeared that an attempt had been made to clean the blood off the walls after the alleged beatings.

“This backs up Avril’s statements that the abuse went on for months. We also found fresh traces of dried blood on the walls.”  

Greenacres Hospital spokesperson Adele Kennedy said yesterday that Avril was in a stable condition.

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