Malema babies comment to get context

THE ANC Youth League promised on Monday to “get the correct context” of leader Julius Malema’s call at the weekend for revolutionaries to reproduce.

“I’m going to get the correct context in which it was said,” African National Congress Youth League spokesman Floyd Shivambu said when asked about the statement.

According to a City Press report, Malema urged a full hall at the Ehlanzeni District Municipality building on Friday to prevent the revolution losing steam by having as many babies as possible.

“Having babies is a revolutionary thing. You must reproduce!,” Malema reportedly said.

Shivambu first said on Monday that he did not remember Malema saying that, but then said that Malema had only “mentioned it in passing” and that it was not part of his formal address.

“It was not part of the political address,” said Shivambu.

He undertook to provide the full context of the comment later in the day.

The Christian Democratic Party called on the ANC to “repudiate” Malema for his comments.

“From the media reports on Malema’s latest statements, it is not even clear that he proposes that the increased number of black babies should be born in, or out of wedlock,” said CDC leader Theunis Botha in a statement.

“Are there not many other priorities to address with the scarce resources, such as decreasing the mortality rate of babies – amongst the highest in the world — [by] first creating employment, and ensuring food security?

“If Malema is not wrapped over the knuckles now, it is a clear indication that the ANC has not only lost its morale compass, but all sense of direction with regards to a better South Africa for all who live in it.”

The Times newspaper reported on Monday that state clinics and hospitals had performed more than 500,000 abortions since 2004, according to information provided by the department of health.

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