Hostage situation at Booysen Park school

DISTRICT Education Department officials are being held hostage by a mob of angry parents at Booysen Park Primary school.  Parents arrived at the school early this morning to voice their concerns over the cancellation of temporary teachers contracts by the department.

Parents claim that yesterday an entire Grade 1 class  was left to their own devices when overworked teacher’s allegedly said they could not handle the class volumes and refused to accommodate the pupils who had been left without a teacher.

Class by class the parents and pupils disrupted lessons.  Children as young as six are toyi toying alongside their parents, screaming that they ‘want justice’.

Parents are refusing to let the officials out of the staff room saying: “You are going nowhere. We are sick of promises. Our kids suffer while yours are in private schools.”

Riot police have been called in to contain the situation. 

For more on this story get a copy of tomorrow’s Herald. Photos to follow.

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