Sky not the limit for young PE pilot

A YOUNG Port Elizabeth woman   is making her dreams come true by taking to the skies in pursuit of becoming a commercial pilot.

Nicole Swart, 19, of Kabega Park, recently qualified for her commercial pilot’s licence  at the 43 Air School in Port Alfred and can now fly commercial and charter planes.

To get her commercial licence, Nicole had to first undertake her   private pilot’s licence, which   took  about two months.

“The private licence is like a learner’s licence is for driving. I had to do about 100 hours of solo flying and 100 hours of dual flying with an instructor,” she said.

After that,  she completed eight theoretical subjects and from August last year did the practical training for the commercial licence.

“During November we had a period of bad weather, so I could not fly, but now I have my licence and that’s what matters,”  she said.

The first time she stepped onto a plane had been when  she knew she had a passion for flying.

“When I was 13, we took a trip to Durban and it was my first time on an airplane … I knew what I wanted to be after that and my parents supported me,” she said.

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