Markers now also slamming matric results

SENIOR teachers in the Eastern Cape have finally broken their silence and confirmed what many had suspected about last year’s controversial provincial matric pass rate of 58.3%: it is  “impossible”.
While Umalusi, the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education which oversees the matric results, has admitted adjustments  were made upwards in nine subjects and downwards in 10 others, it  has refused to reveal in which subjects marks had been altered.
Eastern Cape Education Department spokesman Malinbongwe Mtima reiterated on Friday that  Umalusi had the final say on the matric marks and  the department could consequently not provide comment on the matter.
But teachers and long-serving National Senior Certificate markers interviewed by Weekend Post this week have lifted the lid on what they believe to be a “farce” in terms of the adjustments and the overall pass rate for the Eastern Cape, which rose by 7.3% from the 2009 figure of 51.1%.
University of the Free State Vice-Chancellor and respected academic and columnist Jonathan Jansen has publicly said that the “matric results are not a real reflection of positive knowledge gains among Grade 12 learners, and every honest public official knows that”.
“That is the simple reason why Umalusi refuses to make public the processes by which adjustments were made to no less than 19 subjects in the 2010 examination. They refuse because revealing that process – in other words, being accountable to the public for a public examination – will cause major political embarrassment to our government,” Jansen said.
* Read the full story in Weekend Post today as markers, teachers and pupils have their say on an issue that is refusing to die down.

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