Bay duo’s school triumph

Neo Bodumelo and Mthetho Ndoni

TWO Bay children have beaten the odds to reach milestones in their school careers.

Little Noor Sandan, 6, who was born three months premature and with a hole in his heart, started Grade 1 while Megz Hayward, 13, who lived with a 2kg tumour in her stomach before its removal last year, started Grade 8.

Noor was born at St George’s Hospital at 26 weeks and only weighed 950g, less than a third  the weight of an average  newborn.

His mother, Razeena Sandan, says  she is relieved that after all he went through as an infant, he is now able to attend school at Westering Primary School.

“It’s been a lengthy six years and everyone thought he wouldn’t make it. Now he is in normal school without any problems,” she said.

When he was born, Noor was given a 50/50 chance of survival and  had to be kept in an incubator for about two months without any contact from his parents.

His parents were then allowed to take him home only on condition  he had no contact with anybody but them.

Before he could go to school, he had to go to an occupational therapist because his  fine motor skills had not developed properly, but now his mother says that he is “on a par with all other children”.
“He has a bit of a chest problem but he loves cricket. His favourite player is Hashim Amla. And we have been encouraged by the doctors to get him into swimming to boost his lung development,” she said.

Sandan said hat “six years down the line” she still remembers how anxious and worried her family was because  Noor was “prone to diseases”, but now he has started “big school”.

Fresh from a December sea cruise, courtesy of the Reach for a Dream Foundation, Megz  was brimming with excitement as she embarked upon her high school career at Pearson High in Summerstrand.

 Megz said yesterday the tumour had gone and like many teenagers across the city she was  looking forward to her high school career, particularly the Grade 8 camp she will soon be attending.

She said she had already met a lot of new and  old friends at her new school.
“My first day at school was great and awesome and I hope to enjoy every minute of my school time.

“This weekend we are going to our Grade 8 camp and it is going to be fun.”

Megz said she wanted to be a children’s psychologist after finishing school because she had always wanted to work with little children. “I want to help them solve the problems they are faced with in life.”

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