Brewing the perfect cuppa

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Just Ella Bella blogger Eleanor Douglas-Meyers discovers there is a right and a wrong way to make coffee.



Can you make coffee? Apparently there is a right way to do it and I didn’t know it , despite being a self-confessed coffee addict.

How have I lived all these years not knowing the right way to make coffee? Because no one showed me that’s why.

Yes, I can make coffee with instant granules and I can use the capsule coffee maker. The coffee I’ve been messing up is the filter kind.

Marc Botha of Port Elizabeth’s Mastertons Coffee and Tea Specialists came to my rescue with the following tips.

These tips relate to using either the one-cup coffee filter, the traditional filter coffee machine which uses paper filters, or the French press, which is the cylindrical jug with the mesh filter you press down.

Different machines work best with different coffee blends, and your favourite coffee grounds should have a list of what works best on the side of the package.

For the freshest coffee you can always buy beans and grind your own.

Marc’s tips

1. When making coffee with disposable filters, first wet the filter

I have never done this before now but apparently wetting the filter makes it stick better to the funnel and makes the whole brewing process easier.

2. Wait 30 seconds before adding water from kettle

Putting boiling water straight onto the coffee grounds burns the grounds and can result in bitter coffee. With this tip Marc actually said, “as you know” (and quite frankly I did not know).

3. Brew grounds in filter first

By this I mean do not throw water through the filter in one go. Rather first wet the grounds and let it stand a little to brew before adding the full amount of water.

4.Slowly pour water through the filter

Apparently you are supposed to pour water slowly in a circular motion to extract the best flavour from your blend. Have I been doing this? No, never.

5. Heat glass containers first

Pour a little hot water into a glass coffee pot and pour it out. This protects the pot from cracking and keeps your coffee at a nice warm temperature.

6. Give your coffee time to brew

When you use a French press, let your coffee sit for four minutes before plunging.

7. Slower is better

When plunging go slowly as this results in fewer grounds in your brew – and – never, ever do a double plunge.

So there you have it, how to make coffee at home Barista style – you are welcome.


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