Lovebirds met on Valentine’s

Liesl Laurie and ProVerb Picture: TimesLIVE

They may be open to share their love for one another to the world now‚ but once upon a time‚ in about 2016‚ ProVerb and Liesl kept their relationship under wraps.

But how did they even get together?

Well‚ on a street corner was when the spark was first lit.

“On this day two years ago‚ I was invited by #ProudlySA to spread a lil love to motorists and hand out some flowers at an intersection in Rosebank.

“I’ve never looked at that intersection the same ever since‚” wrote ProVerb on Instagram.

It was only last year that rumours of their relationship first had people buzzing‚ with Twitter detectives in full work mode circling any clues that put the pair together.

Two years later and they’re totes in love.

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