Take Bloukrans plunge this summer

Whether you are looking to conquer your fear of heights, or are in search of an adrenalin rush, you might want to consider taking a plunge down the Bloukrans River Bridge this summer season.

Bloukrans River Bridge
The Bloukrans River Bridge is the world’s highest bungy bridge

The bridge is the world’s highest commercial and natural bungy bridge, and has been frequented by numerous public figures, including Prince Harry, Jack Osborne and the Zuma family.

For more than 25 years, Face Adrenalin, the company which runs the Bloukrans bungy, has given thrill seekers the chance to bungy jump from the 216m-high bridge in Tsitsikamma.

On arrival, bungy jumpers must walk a fear-inducing bridge in order to get to the area where the jump takes place. Then jumpers are secured in a full-body harness that connects at the ankles.

When it is time to take the dive, Face Adrenalin bungy professionals assist you to the edge of the bridge and count you down as you take the death-defying plunge.

According to The Herald photographer and Bloukrans bungy jumping regular Eugene Coetzee, the instructors might even give you a nudge to help you along if anxiety gets the better of you!

Of his experience at the Bloukrans bungy, Coetzee says: “It’s exhilarating . . . it’s an adrenalin rush.”

His advice to first-time bungy jumpers is to “take someone with you . . . it’s more fun with others”.

Prospective jumpers should note that there are no official clothing restrictions but it would be best to wear comfortable active wear and a pair of trainers. Another option would be to buy clothing from the Face Adrenalin store.

After the jump, visit the Cliffhanger restaurant and bar, where you can watch fellow bungy jumpers on the big screen.

Photos and a DVD of each jump may be bought after the experience.

  • Face Adrenalin’s operating hours are Monday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm. A jump costs R900 a person and R120 each for friends and family who want to walk the bridge and provide jumpers with moral support.

To make a booking, contact Face Adrenalin at (042) 281-1458, 071-109-6872 or e-mail: book@faceadrenalin.com. For more information about the Bloukrans Bridge bungy, visit www.faceadrenalin.com.

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