Christmas at Kenny Kunene’s house

Businessman Kenny Kunene has given a look into his Christmas day itinerary and, despite his impressive food menu and expensive gifts‚ it seems spending time with his family is his highest priority.

South Africa’s “sushi king” shared some of his fondest memories with TshisaLIVE and explained why his gym card is used more frequently come January.

TshisaLIVE: What is your best memory about the festive period?

Kenny Kunene: My best memory is when we were still young‚ we would go from house to house in the days leading up to Christmas day and even afterwards – and get fed. As children we would be given food and drinks and we would be full because we had been eating different cakes. Some were not baked so well and our stomachs would be running. (laughs). But that’s what made us who we are today and that’s how we were raised.

TL: Is there a family dish or meal that no Christmas is complete without?

KK: Every Christmas‚ my family from the Free State come to my house in Sandton. We braai chicken‚ lamb‚ fish and we do a buffet for everyone to enjoy. I don’t eat custard and jelly but on Christmas‚ to this day‚ I’m forced to eat it, because my older sister still prepares it. So‚ for me‚ it completes the day.

TL: How fat do you feel the day after Christmas?

KK: I gain 3 to 4kg because we don’t really look after our health. It’s just fun‚ fun – and more fun!

TL: What’s the most expensive gift you’ve ever given?

KK: I always give expensive gifts to people because I’m a giver.

TL: If you had to hashtag Christmas what would it be and why?

KK: I go anywhere on any other day but Christmas is very special for me. I bond with my family the entire day. So #ChristmasFamilyBonding #ChristmasGetTogether #ChristmasFamily.

TL: Complete the sentence: Christmas is …

KK: A family day.

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