See the beach in Segway style

Latest beachfront buzz gets ‘our thumbs up,’ writes Sarah Dirsuwei of Chasing the Rainbow travel blog

One of PE’s hottest new adventure activities takes place on two wheels and it is sure to delight kids, teens, parents, grandparents and everyone in between. We couldn’t wait to try out Wild X Adventures’ new Port Elizabeth Segway tours.

The company, which has its sales office located opposite Bayworld, offers several routes to choose from – East towards Shark Rock Pier and Something Good, West to Kings Beach, or up Happy Valley.

We chose to do the beachfront tour to Something Good.

After being kitted out with safety helmets and knee and elbow guards, we headed across the road to our two-wheeled steeds ready to take us on our journey.

Our guide, Mandla, showed us one by one how to mount our machines and move forwards, backwards and turn. None of us had ridden a Segway before and it was quite something to experience this self-balancing vehicle that you can command by subtly shifting your bodyweight. Most of us got the knack pretty quickly and soon we were off, following Mandla’s lumo vest in single file. The Segways are governed to a maximum speed so it’s not possible to go very fast, which is probably a good thing judging by all the YouTube videos of Segway wipe-outs.

It being a glorious sunny day, the beachfront was packed with early holiday-makers.

We spun through the throngs of tourists all the way to Something Good, where we admired the street art, posed for a photo and turned back towards the pier. The kids were by now feeling quite confident, so we picked up the pace and enjoyed the wind on our faces with the most magnificent view of the beachfront. After selfie stops at Shark Rock Pier and along the promenade, Mandla took us across Marine Drive into Happy Valley for some more fun.

Happy Valley was teeming with holiday revellers and the happy buzz was infectious. We headed to a large lawn and the kids were thrilled to put their Segways through their paces with a few spins and sprints. We meandered up into the valley along a shady, palm fringed path all the way to a picturesque pond at the end.

As we rolled back through the beautiful park, our smiles were wide and our hearts were happy. Segway Beachfront Tours gets six massive thumbs up from us!

Book a Segway beachfront tour (suitable for ages 10 and up) by contacting WildXAdventures on (066) 003-8466 or visiting Tours are available 365 days a year and start at the little Cape Dutch building at the corner of Beach Road and Brookes Hill Drive. The seven routes to choose from range from R250 to R600 a person.

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