Star says industry is ruthless

Masasa Mbangeni

After being in the industry for more than a decade‚ actress Masasa Mbangeni has opened up about the emotional struggles that actors go through behind closed doors.

In a lengthy social media post‚ Masasa painted a sad picture of the pitfalls that come with being an actress.

“That is the thing about this work. It takes and takes and takes. It leaves you depleted and despondent.

“I even scratched my car so badly parking in my garage at home because I wasn’t there. I wasn’t driving.

“This is why having a stable family life is so important when doing acting. Family grounds you‚ they remind you that this is just a part of you and not your entirety.”

Masasa added that she did not intend to discourage young actors‚ but wanted to alert them to all aspects of the industry.

“This work will eat you alive and people will wait to see ‘uwile’ [you’ve fallen].

“It’s exploitative‚ doesn’t pay well‚ you’re always fighting to be heard and respected [then called a diva].

“It’s a lot. I write this not to depress but so that those who ‘want to try acting’ know what they are getting themselves into.”

Masasa then went on to add that she was looking for someone special to help her “fight the monsters in her head”.

“I seriously need a husband who worships the ground I walk on‚ who actually likes me‚ will hug me and remind me the monsters in my head aren’t real.

“DMs are open because sengizwile ngeActing [I’ve had it with acting].”

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