Hatchet man to ‘spill’ city beans

’How To Steal A City’ author Crispian ‘Chippy’ Olver

There is already a buzz ahead of tonight’s launch of the book How To Steal A City: The Battle For Nelson Mandela Bay by Crispian “Chippy” Olver, a government “fixer” with the inside track on the workings of the metro.

In his book, Olver relates how he was brought in by Pravin Gordhan, then the minister responsible for local government, to be the hatchet man for the city’s new – now former – mayor Danny Jordaan.

How To Steal A City has had a strict embargo on its content with no books released to the media or booksellers until today. In fact, due to concerns for the author’s safety, security has been tight all round and Olver is only arriving in the city for the launch and then is leaving immediately after.

Extracts show why the book is likely to be so controversial: Olver recounts the climate of fear and intimidation, as well as dodgy deals and corrupt characters in several municipal departments.

A massive concern for residents of the Bay is how Olver discovers “complete state capture” in the metro, mirroring what reportedly has been happening in national government.

How To Steal A City outlines what he found, which he says “went far beyond rigged contracts, blatant conflicts of interest and garden-variety kickbacks. The city’s administration had evolved into a sophisticated web of front companies, criminal syndicates and compromised local politicians and officials”.

The launch is at 5.30 for 6pm at the GFI Gallery in Park Drive, when Olver will spill the beans regarding his findings.

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