Tumi’s couples advice based on experience

Tumi Morake used her personal experience and disagreements with her husband to share advice with listeners on how to work out their own differences.

During her breakfast show on Jacaranda FM‚ Tumi‚ who is married to actor Mpho Osei-Tutu, used a recent argument with her husband as an example.

“When we were getting ready for a party‚ my husband and I then had a bit of a disagreement‚ as couples do. And‚ you know when you are already late for a party‚ there’s no time to resolve it. Now we were in a car driving and I am livid‚ I can’t talk because I don’t wanna talk it out.

“There’s nothing worse than your partner not even knowing that they did something wrong.
“As far as they are concerned everything is fine and now you are even more angry saying ‘but how can you be okay when you know we (are) not okay’‚” she explained.

The comedian said that she had noticed a pattern in how her husband used other people around them to start a conversation with her‚ when he realised that she was angry with him.

However‚ the comedian explained that no matter how angry she was‚ she tried not to make people aware.

She added that as long as they sill used endearment names when addressing each other‚ she was okay.

“One thing that I do enjoy when I argue with my husband is when we call each other babe but we still fighting‚” she said.

Earlier this year Tumi’s husband‚ Mpho made it clear that despite their busy schedules they were each others’ top priority.

“If we have gaps in between we try to have dates and try to steal moments. We understand the value of contact with each other but when it can’t happen we’re open and understanding‚” he said at the time.

Mpho explained that the “secret” to making sure they were always on top of the many roles they played was communication.


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