Yvonne’s journey just gets better

Legendary musician Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s long career has made her an “in demand” artist‚ who after 32 years in the industry‚ still gets impromptu contracts to perform in places like Atlanta to share the stage with US icon Peabo Bryson.

Chaka Chaka shared her 32-year journey in music on Trending SA and explained that she had accumulated both respect and criticism‚ but still had requests from all over the world to perform with prominent artists.

“Last month, the NBA guys came by and they asked me to sing. I went there and it was me‚ Oliver and Tresor. We sang about three songs and after that performance they asked me to sign a contract to come to Atlanta‚” she said.

She initially thought they were joking but they brought the contract and she signed.

She said she was impressed that the performance would also be part of fundraising efforts for the communities affected by natural disasters.

Chaka Chaka also said she was offered the opportunity to perform with Bryson’s band.

“God has been very good to me‚ I must say, even though I was called an overnight success and other people said I couldn’t sing. But it’s been 32 years and I’m still here and you know what? I’m not going anywhere‚” she said.

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