Useful tool to learn skill of writing clearly

‘Business Writing for South Africans’

How I wish more people could write with the ease and focus of the authors of this book!

Although Business Writing for South Africans is aimed at those who need to compile reports, take minutes, write proposals and more, it is an extremely useful book for anyone who needs to write clearly and concisely.

In today’s world, effectively communicating with words – whether digital or print – is a vital skill. Certainly, if you pay attention to its lessons, this paperback will help you gain that skill.

However, very few companies train their staff in communication and that is a definite lack.

Authors Bittie Viljoen-Smook, Johan Geldenhuys and Wena Coetzee are experts in plain-language writing who do communications training for one of South Africa’s major banks, and they have years of experience in writing, translating and teaching business English.

As a journalist, Peter Bruce says in the forward, English is a difficult language by any standards, and while speaking it is one thing, writing is another thing entirely. – Gillian McAinsh

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