Unathi to help heal with music

Unathi Smengane Picture: Elvis Ntombela

Musician Unathi Msengana has denied that she is planning to become a traditional healer‚ explaining that the only healing she will be doing is through her music.

Msengana had fans in a frenzy last month when she told Gareth Cliff‚ on his CliffCentral radio show‚ that she felt like her ancestors had been calling her to fulfil a spiritual calling – which had many fans wondering if she planned to become a traditional healer.

Speaking to Drum‚ Msengana said she had been misunderstood.

“I’m not becoming a traditional healer‚” she said adamantly.

She explained that she had been approached by a stranger in 2006 and told that she was “born a healer” and would one day heal people through her music.

A prediction she claimed had been repeated by several other spiritual leaders since.

She did not rule out the possibility of one day healing with more than just music though.

“I’ve learnt that I have a healing ability and I’ve been told that I will heal through songs for now.

“Later on it might be through visions and other things because the spiritual realm evolves‚” she explained.

Attempts to contact Msengana for comment were unsuccessful.

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