No sex or swearing! Siv’s fasting troubles

Siv Ngesi Picture: Mariska van den Brink

Siv Ngesi embarked on a fast several days ago and it’s showing him flames!

The comedian said he started the fast for his own “spiritual” reasons and through a series of Instagram videos opened up about his battles with it.

He said the hardest part was adapting to a life without swearing and sex.

“The hardest part of fasting is the no sex‚ no swearing and to try have pure thoughts because you know that I love an F-word‚” Siv said.

He said it was an uphill battle to keep his thoughts clean.

“I had quite a hard week and if I wasn’t fasting I would have had many f-bombs to throw and this would have been a Siv rant‚” he said. – TMG

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