Trevor Noah tells of rage after stepdad shot mom

Trevor Noah Picture: Trevor Noah/ Facebook

Comedian and TV host Trevor Noah has reflected on the rage he felt after learning that his stepfather had shot his mother in the head.

The incident, which took place several years ago‚ has been well documented but Noah has often been shy to speak about the incident.

However‚ during an interview with People magazine US recently‚ he opened up about the incident and the rage he felt over it.

“I remember after the shooting‚ my mother was in hospital‚ and all I felt was rage‚” Noah said.

He said his mother tried to calm him down by telling him not to harbour anger towards his stepfather. “My mother said to me: ‘Don’t hate him for doing this‚ but rather pity him because he too is a victim‚ in his own way‚ of a world that has thrust upon him an idea of masculinity that he has subscribed to and is now a part of.’

“As for myself‚ I do not wish to imbue myself with a hatred that only I will carry‚” he said.

Noah said his mother’s attitude towards the incident inspired him.

“I think watching my mom‚ her growth post-shooting‚ our family and the way we became stronger‚ really became the example I chose to live by.

“That’s really what I’ve stuck to‚ and that’s how I try to live my life every day.”

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