Zahara sends legal warning over remarks


Singer Zahara has confirmed that Somizi has received a legal letter warning him not to make jokes at her expense.

The Loliwe hitmaker sent the letter to Somizi late last week over comments he made about her at the Samas.

“He has received my letter but has still not responded. He hasn’t apologised or even called me. It was a letter both asking for an apology and warning him not to make jokes about me again‚” she said.

Somizi was quizzed about the letter on his Metro FM radio show yesterday morning but refused to comment.

Zahara said that despite not getting an apology‚ she wanted to forget the incident and move on.

“This has become a big issue that has dragged on for very long.

“He is my friend and I don’t want this to go on forever. I just want him to know that friends don’t speak about each other like that. If he was truly my friend he would not have said that.”

Somizi said last week he was sorry and had not meant to hurt the singer with his comments. However, Zahara said that she would not accept “sarcastic apologies”.

She also responded to the barrage of hate that she has received on social media since demanding the apology.

“I don’t care what people say about me. They are just jealous. They want to be me. When they dream‚ they dream about me‚” Zahara said.

Somizi told audiences at the glitzy awards ceremony two weeks ago that there was a bar at the after-party and “Zahara would be there”.

The comments left Zahara fuming and resulted in her calling him out on them.

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