Omnibus of Anna Atom action a treat

‘The Adventures Of Anna Atom’ retails for R220

Popular South African youth author Elizabeth Wasserman’s series Anna Atom was lapped up by teen bookworms when the original Afrikaans version hit the shelves in 2013.

This highly entertaining science adventure trilogy received the prestigious Alba Bouwer Award from the Academy of Arts and Science in the same year, and the first book is a Caps Curriculum-prescribed book for Grade 6.

Anna’s adventures have a strong green theme and foster a love for science and technology – and loads of fast-paced action!

And now finally, The Adventures of Anna Atom is also available as an omnibus for English readers.

The Adventures of Anna Atom takes young readers to a tiny island adrift in the Indian Ocean.

This is the home of the rather unconventional Atom family: Professor Sabatina Atom, Anna’s mom who is a scientist working for United Surveillance (US) with Max, a talking supercomputer programmed to protect planet Earth; her strange little brother Pip, who is half human, half biotron and her dad, Admiral Atom, who lives in space because his molecular structure has become unstuck.

According to Wasserman, Anna’s exploits are based on “real, possible science that may happen soon” which, combined with a healthy dose of fantasy, makes for a great read despite the omnibus being a chunky 240 pages.

It is published by Tafelberg and retails for R220.

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