Skinnerbek’s eventful weekend

Julie Coetzee, left, and Teneille Minnie at Bay Fashion Sunday Picture: Gillian McAinsh

What a jampacked weekend your gossip girl had! From comedy and fashion shows to ending off her downtime on a deliciously jazzy note, your skinnerbek (and her minions) saw, conquered and had a blast doing it.

Last Friday evening I ended my (sickly) week and kick-started my fun weekend on a good note with much merriment and laughter at Sifiso Nene’s Baby Mama Drama Two comedy show at the Boardwalk Amphitheatre.

I often dread having to listen to the same old material some of these guys churn out, but Nene pulled some good jokes out his sleeve.

Nowadays no comedy show seems complete without some racial jokes to break the ice and Nene made things super-awkward for the only two white people who were there when he mentioned the L-word (land) and how it needed to return to its “owners”.

The Bay was buzzing with beautiful models last weekend, starting last Friday night with the Extreme Models Runway Competition at the Tramways Building. It certainly showed that this city has talent, with more than 60 entrants for the catwalk parade.

Last Saturday there was also a heart-warming (but bone-chilling) experience when Vision4 Women presented its annual Destined for Greatness “fast-forward” graduation ceremony at the Tramways Building.

You’ll remember that was the day it poured with rain and apparently many in the audience so wished the MBDA could provide some kind of heating, as well as better acoustics for their fancy building.

The sisterhood rocked their glamorous cocktail wear but bare shoulders and legs don’t do well in icy weather and the speakers battled to be heard over the pounding rain.

Then Bay Fashion Sunday pumped up the style-o-meter with another successful show. We had heard before that they were flooded with applicants wanting to walk the ramp and it was the best “walked” of the three Bay Fashion Sundays held so far.

The team behind Bay Fashion Sunday have hit the right note, and it attracted a big crowd – our spy spotted top Bay designer Johan Wolmarans and his wife, Kalinka Orban, as well as several other Bay movers and shakers.

And does “legally stylish” Sonja Tifloen never put a foot wrong when it comes to fashion? She was wearing amazing black patent leather Yves St Laurent heels that we noticed on the red carpet at Cannes only last week.

Ending off what was an awesome weekend, on Sunday my minion headed out to catch some local sounds at the PE Opera House’s Jazz’Afro Sunday session where soul singer Nomabotwe Mtimkulu was the star of the day.

I’ve always known Nomabotwe has a powerful voice (she used to be part of Nelson Mandela Bay’s beloved duo, Maisha) but I didn’t know she had such a huge following.

The show started 40 minutes late due to the fact that it was sold out; however a number of people stood outside begging to be let in, even if it meant standing. More chairs were organised for Mtimkulu’s fans but luckily skinner’s minion had tickets and could swoop past those standing desperate in the doorway.

PE’s very own Nomhle Nkonyeni was also there.

Until next time darlings, ciao for now!

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