Super-hot lot had all gasping

Hello my darlings, it’s me again, your favourite mgosi, which means it is that time of the week when you get to sit back and read about who was spotted where and doing what with whom.

I was sooooo sorry I missed out on the East Cape Derby when the hotties from Mr PE UberMANn took off their pants and showed their legs on the track at Fairview Racecourse on Sunday.

Although one of the 12 finalists was not there – we heard Zeno Adams had taken his girlfriend to the Justin Bieber concert – the other 11 made up for it!

And we will miss the 2016 Mr PE Nik Affat when he finishes his year next month – he has led the way for the guys in the new promo.

The student fashion was also a hit and it’s hard to believe they are only two years out of school.

The Mastertons Coffee designs were stunning and blew away the national judge, fashion designer Paledi Segapo.

See all the incredible race day fashion here and a video of Paledi sharing his thoughts about the fashion on our Instagram. You probably already clicked on the video at the top of this post to see the race-day fashion live.

Later on Sunday evening, your gossip girl went to Dopparoz in Kwazakhele for Bay musician Amanda Black’s Sama nomination party. Amanda is the second most nominated artist at the awards this year and it came as no surprise to Skinners because she can belt it out.

Entry to the event was free but 50 votes in the Record of the Year category for Amanda’s Amazulu guaranteed you that entry.

Even Skinners got to voting but 50 seemed just like too much for me. Bring it home Amanda. You see, people, there is life after Idols SA even if you do not win. Just look at the hitmaker.

On Wednesday, I joined the boys competing in the Sun Boardwalk Mr PE UberMANn meet-and-greet at the Boardwalk, where the 12 finalists gave a brief bio of who they are. It was good to see cutie Zeno present this time around and I must say he was worth waiting for.

Bay jeweller Jenni Gault was there cheering on the boys and Roland Gaspar was his usual funny self. Current Mr PE Affat seemed to choke up a bit when he thanked his longtime girlfriend for her support.

The finalists did a good job in striking up conversations around the room at the Boardwalk ICC.

Skinners was secretly hoping they would walking about the room half-naked and possibly do sit-ups, but alas it was not to be.

Until next time, sweethearts!

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