Sew Big Hug Bags for far away Grans

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Mother’s Day last week reminded me of the many long distance grandmother’s dying for a hug from their little ones.

My son, Aidan, is pretty lucky that he lives next door to his one granny and a drive away from the other. This is not the case with many grandparents and today’s craft was made with this in mind . . .

We made a “Big Hug heat bag”! The bag is microwavable and is perfect for aches and pains or just warming cold feet in winter.

What makes it special is that it is made to be the length of your child’s arms with hand prints on each side (for hug effect).

This way, your little one can give grandma a big hug from far away.

Mother’s Day Big Hug for Granny Bag:

What you need:

Material of your choice
Essential oil of your choice (I used citronella)
Fabric paint
Needle and thread

What to do:

Add essential oil of your choice to rice and set aside to dry.

Measure your child’s arms from one hand to the other.

Cut material to size . . . remembering to leave extra material for sewing.

Have your child do a handprint using material paint – one hand on each side.

I added the phrase “love you Ma” (Aidan’s name for his grandmother) using Sharpie fabric markers, and let dry.

Turn inside out and sew down the side and at the bottom.
Turn it right side out again.
Fill with rice.
Sew it up.


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