Language hero of this children’s story


What a delight this children’s picture book is to a lover of words!

What I so enjoyed about Ink is how it makes language and the power of story-telling the hero of the story, without falling into many of the usual conventions of children’s story books.

Mennen’s tale is about Tinka, a little girl who makes a paper doll out of a sheet of newsprint, and calls her Ink. She knows she has created her “special friend” and changes her along the way, as she needs, using just her imagination and an old newspaper. Reading is big news! she declares. It is even more special that it has been created by a mother-and-daughter team – Cape Town mother Ingrid Mennen is the author and her daughter Irene Berg, who lives in Germany, is the illustrator. The 64-page hardcover is aimed at children aged four and over but there are many parents, and grandparents, – who are likely to love it just as much not just for the message but also for the engaging illustrations and simple yet educational text.

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