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Today I thought I’d share a “decluttering DIY”.

Just a little while ago, everyone was little shop crazy? Unless you live under a rock you must have come across those tiny groceries, I have three at the bottom of my bag right now, I’m sure.

I didn’t think anything would surpass the stickeez craze, but I was wrong as Checkers sort of hit the nail on the head with their Little Shop Collectables – grown folk were losing their minds over those tiny cute toys.

People were trading them on Facebook pages and paying ridiculous prices for the rarer items.

Meanwhile, I’m not the collector type (your shoes, fabric samples and craft supplies beg to differ missy), I’m not into collecting in the “must find next in series” type way. Probably why I never got into the Pokemon Go thing, because, I’m like oooooooh so cute, so fun, so . . . so when I found a bunch of them I simply HAD TO turn them into fridge magnets . . .

So I decided to turn my little groceries into magnets.

You needed more fridge magnets did you Eleanor?

“Well no, but one doesn’t simply turn one’s back on the cuteness that is an easy DIY”

What I needed was . . .

  • A bunch of little shop magnets (disclaimer, when people post their little shop haul on social media, I’m always thinking, ‘they sure buy loads at Checkers’, just saying).
  • Heavy duty glue, a stick for glue application and magnets (I just cut up magnetic sheet, but you can buy individual magnet buttons)

What you need to do . . .

You then simply glue the magnets to the back of the little shop toys (you need bigger/stronger magnets for the heavier ‘groceries’).

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