Fashion, ‘friends’, food rule

Food Truck Friday
Friends, from left, Dahne Straton, Naledi Mkhulisi and Sam Swales at Food Truck Friday outside Werk in the Baakens Valley last Friday Picture: Louise Liebenberg

Hello darlings, it’s me again, your favourite Mgosi whose one job in this world is to attend all things fun and fabulous, and bring you guys the delicious deets afterwards.

Last Friday, I headed out to the Food Truck Friday event in the Baakens Valley.

This is always a fun event and brilliant for families too, as the kids were out enjoying the pony rides while the parents stuffed their faces.

One food truck that must have made a truckload of money was Foong’s.

Their queue seemed endless but good on them for churning out food as efficiently as they did, because no one likes waiting too long.

Skinnerbek loved the second Amarula Bay Fashion Sunday held at the Roof Garden Bar although, sjoe, some of those models looked like they needed a bit more practice. If you’re gonna wear stilettoes, dahhhhling, then at least make sure you can walk in them.

The Mandela Bay Fashion Week crew were lucky because the Amarula was flowing like water, the sun was shining, MC “Boss Lady” Xolela Madlanga was on point and the fashion pack was there in numbers.

Who knew there were so many fashion bloggers in the Bay?

On Tuesday night I went to the Friends of the Athenaeum evening at this beautifully renovated building in Belmont Terrace.

The event was nice and it was clear to see Nelson Mandela Bay has loads of talent.

All the acts who performed were super. From Ikati Esengxoweni and Zimsto Erufini to Love Child, all the artists gave great performances with each doing two songs.

Black Tye got the ladies screaming when he performed his well-known tune, Taxi. Whoo shem mara his dance moves are on point.

The comedians need to go back to the drawing board, however. It’s a little embarrassing when you’re delivering jokes and the audience is not in stitches and yet you’re laughing.

Stage actress Macia Ntoni, who had not been spotted in a while, was also at the event and Uthando Baduza was there too, looking good as always.

DJ Miss Jay was on fire and cheers to Oyama Vanto from the MBDA for minding the bar – I knew he could drink but didn’t realise he had such slick bar-tending skills.

It was my first time seeing hip-hop artist Platinum G performing. The guy sure can jump around. He gave me MTEE vibes and not in a good way.

Ciao for now, darlings!

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